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Talks are ideal for workplaces and organizations who want to learn more about healthy relationships, and interpersonal violence prevention. 

Talk: Restorative approaches to healthier relationships

Sexual and gender-based violence in the workplace has caught the attention of news media all around the world. Online movements have inspired individuals to share their first-hand experiences publicly on social media revealing just how common the issue is.

So, now that we know we have a problem, what can we do about it? 

This talk breaks down why gender-based violence exists, followed by an understanding of the cultural landscape worldwide and in Thailand and explores what this means for gender-based violence prevention today.

We’ll discuss new approaches, such as restorative justice, that we can use to improve our response to this type of violence in the workplaces, schools, and our communities. 

You will leave the talk with:
  • Ways you can be part of the solution to preventing gender-based violence
  • A clearer understanding of what interpersonal violence actually is, the causes and impact
  • An introduction to restorative justice
  • An introduction to consent
To make this happen, we cover:
  • That prevalence of interpersonal violence worldwide and in Thailand
  • An introduction to restorative justice processes, values, and approaches 
  • A new framework you can use to address conflict in your community
  • Solutions and ways you can help address this issue


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