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Interpersonal violence remains one of our most pressing social issues today. From unhealthy behaviors such as manipulative guilt-trips to outright violence like sexual assault—it marks a complex area of our interpersonal lives.

If we can’t talk about it, how can we begin to address it?

Addressing this issue is challenging because, culturally, it is a sensitive subject. We don’t normally talk about intimate relationships openly. This makes it harder for us to acknowledge why this type of violence is so common and how we can prevent it.

To break the silence, we host workshops, facilitated discussions, and talks at schools, workplaces, and community organizations.

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Led by trained facilitators using practical skill-building exercises, our signature program is designed to help participants discover how they can practice consent and prevent gender-based violence.

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Empower your community with productive conversations about interpersonal and intimate relationships.

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Stay up-to-date on pressing social issues along with new ways to respond to conflict and improve relationships within your organization.

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In Thai, Ruam Chuay means “collective support.”

Ruam Chuay is a non-profit organization based in Bangkok, Thailand. We collaborate with local schools, workplaces, and organizations to host programs that help:

  • People become more confident with their interpersonal skills
  • Prevent gender-based and sexual violence
  • Fill in gaps in current sexuality education programs
  • Find more productive ways to address conflict in our communities
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